01 Apr

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Female escorts, under their work, provide sexual access to many partners. Clients expect sex from escorts and view them as promiscuous. Males prefer promiscuous females in short-term mating, as female promiscuity maximizes the male’s chances of procuring sexual access while limiting the number of resources expended. Jaipur Escort Service which advertises online offers brief sexual encounters for a posted fee. Clients know exactly how much of their resources they must invest in exchange for sex, with no further commitment expected from either side. Males possess evolved sexual selection mechanisms that may be evident in their preferences for online escorts.Several studies have examined the content of escort advertisements. In a past content analysis of 76 escort websites, escorts appeared nude in 45% and semi-nude in 20% of the advertisements. In this same study, the ages of online escorts tended to be 18–29 years, and escorts often advertised their physical characteristics which included body measurements. Fifty-four per cent of the advertisements included biographical sketches that focused on escorts’ physical attributes. In a smaller sample of escort advertisements, nearly 90% of escorts advertised their waist, hip, and chest measurements, and three of the five mentioned their beauty.Milrod and Monto examined a different perspective of the escort–client dyad by focusing on the motives and behaviours of male patrons that paid for online escorts. They reported that the most common behaviour was penile-vaginal coitus with a condom. In addition, the top three reasons for seeking an escort were to be with a woman who likes sex, to be with a very uninhibited woman, and to have a variety of sexual partners. Based on the findings, it was clear that men were interested in having sex with many uninhibited women who like to have sex. Additionally, a recent study by Saad investigated escorts’ advertisements in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Latin America, and North America, which showed that advertisements of WHR typically reported 0.7 across the different regions. Physical attractiveness may be one of the most important factors related to short-term mating. The importance of advertising one’s physical attributes is crucial in most short-term mating scenarios, and online escort services may also show similar patterns. Pruitt and Krull found that aspects of physical appearance were the most frequent theme in online escort advertisements, although their study was largely descriptive.The current study sought to determine whether traits typically associated with short-term mate attractiveness are related to the price female escorts charge for their services. Because female escorts are in the business of short-term mating for profit, it may be the case that those with more desirable traits can command higher prices for their services. Women who are physically attractive and younger can be more selective with prospective mates. Attractive women realize that they are attractive to men, and they demand higher quality mates or they demand more investment from mates. We hypothesized that the amount charged by escorts would be correlated with several traits associated with female short-term mate attractiveness: WHR, BMI, weight, and age. We also predicted that escorts who provided recognizable facial shots and nude photographs in their advertisements would charge a higher rate because the photographs might represent an honest advertisement of their physical attractiveness, whereas those not displaying nudity might be concealing unappealing features. Lastly, a model will be developed based on the significant bivariate relationships to examine which combination of variables best predicts female escort fees.

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